Giant Pong

I have always admired the game of pong. The simplicity of the game makes it accessible to nearly everyone because it only takes a few minutes (or less) of observation before an individual can understand the rules of the game. The giant pong game seemed to make it even more accessible by allowing users to move their arms across a large table in a very natural manner. The project was created with the open source toolkit Open Frameworks, and a few add-ons like Box2d and OpenCV for handling physics and computer vision. I worked in collaboration with Jason Webb. Collectively we wrote the program for the basic pong game, added some fancy graphics using MSAFluid, and constructed a stand for our projector. The project turned out great and based on the positive feedback we have set a goal to create a larger scale version of the project that allowed users to simply walk out on the playing field to control their paddle rather than using their hands.